We are proud to say that we are active members of the localization community and after 20 years we know this wonderful industry from the inside.

We are equally minded of our Clients’ and our Candidates’ priorities and interests.


For our clients, we co-ordinate the recruitment process from the very start.

We at Larsen Globalization save our clients valuable time and money, by shouldering the intensive process of sourcing qualified candidates and bringing them forward for review.

We work with our clients closely, and in the long-term: as an extension of your internal talent team, to support your expansion plans and to keep an eye out for new talent for your team.

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For our candidates, we will help you with the crucial steps of your application – from CV assistance to interview preparation, we are here to help.

An important part of what we do, is to get a superb match with the company culture. You will save valuable time and get access to many unadvertised jobs.

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Our guarantee

We work with both traditional and advanced recruitment methods, using Larsen Insight platform.

Our award-winning recruitment platform uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the recruitment process.

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We use cutting-edge technology with built-in candidate video presentation, pre-screening questions in our clients’ preferred business language, and gain a full psychometric profile, indicating whether this individual will suit our client’s company culture, and the team.

Ensuring the best possible cultural, behavioural and skills fit is great news for both clients and candidates, leading to your success and ours.

At Larsen Globalization we offer a recruitment service which prioritises both our clients’ success and our candidates’ best interests.

Our vast international network, coupled with our industry expertise, ensures that only the best, most suitable talent is presented. We are proud to say that we have numerous long-term relationships with, and have been awarded premier supplier status by many respected organizations.

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