Larsen Globalization expands with Mergers & Acquisitions services

March 13, 2016 Categories: press

Larsen Globalization is known for their specialist recruitment services to the localization industry. Founded in 2000 by Inger Larsen in London and with the addition of Denise Spacinsky in 2006 as her US business partner, the company prides itself of its reputation for high ethical standards and ability to handle highly confidential and sensitive information. […]

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Adapting to change can save your ass(ets)

December 15, 2015 Categories: news

Many years ago I used to work as a BDM selling localization services. One night I was driving back to Budapest from a client visit in one of the countries in my European territory. With a tough week behind I was extremely tired and so ready to be home and sleep in my own bed. Most of my meetings had been successful although many unexpected things had happened. Things I had to find solutions for quickly and without external support. Some of my clients changed some key parameters of running projects, asking for considerably lower prices or shortening deadlines dramatically. I needed to act quickly without being able to consult to my head office overseas. I was happy with the results. In most cases we had managed to find a solution and my clients agreed to order.

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Larsen keeps meeting growing demand for Life Sciences Translation and Localization professionals in the States

December 6, 2015 Categories: news

December 2015 There has been an increasing demand for translation and localization professionals with Life Sciences (pharmaceutical and medical devices) experience. Serving the Life Sciences industry means assisting a very unique and challenging vertical that needs special. Larsen keeps meeting this increasing global demand and has recruited and placed many Life Sciences Translation and Localization […]

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Careers in localisation – article by Inger Larsen in tcworld

November 27, 2015 Categories: press

Inger was asked to write an article about careers in localisation for tekom’s magazine tcworld and here is the result! Go to page 10:

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