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We provide a free and confidential service. In accordance with GDPR guidelines, we personally guarantee your privacy.

We will only submit our candidates for roles after communication with you, having gained your permission for that job and the named company.

For new candidates, we strongly recommend you register with us via our Candidate Account page and create your profile. This allows you to apply online and gain access to other positions that match your skills and location. You will save valuable time in your job search, and get access to many unadvertised jobs.

We offer a number of services, combining conventional and advanced psychometric recruitment methods, to ensure our candidates showcase their best strengths and assets, before presenting them to our client.

Most of job seekers may experience that their recruiters are reluctant to help and rush them to make decision. Larsen has been paying attention to my opinion through all her recruiting process.

Before the interview she provided me with the precise information of the interviewers and appropriate and practical advice. Thank you, Larsen. I really appreciated your support and hard work. You are really a professional recruiter.

– Placement for a business development position, Japan

I was looking for a job and one day I got an message from Larsen. We met at a Café soon, and I found that she was a very experienced recruiter. I explained to her what kind of position I was looking for and then she introduced me to one position. It met my expectation. Once I decided to go for the opportunity, she kindly helped me by providing appropriate advice on each phase until I could get the offer. Thanks to her, I was always confident. I would recommend Larsen  to people who are looking for new opportunities in the localization world. 

– Placement for Operations Manager, Japan

I wrote a killer CV, nailed my interview with the amazing Inger Larsen (she probably doesn’t even remember me but that won’t stop me from saying she’s amazing), and even passed the psychometric assessment.

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