FAQs for Clients

Recruitment is very time consuming, and the main reason why companies come to us, is for highly desirable candidates who are difficult to source.
We do all the hard work: researching and reaching out to talent, with the aim to present only between three to five highly qualified and motivated candidates who also are a good match for our client’s company culture.
All our recruiters come from the localization industry as hiring managers, so we have understand what our clients and candidates actually do and the challenges they face.

The most frequent compliment we get from our candidates is that we treat them well and take the time to listen to their needs and wishes for their next career move.

We abide by Employment Laws, the Data Protection Act and the Code Of Conduct For Professional Recruiters. This means that we never put forward candidates without their permission to a named company.

We charge clients a percentage of year one salary, which is invoiced when our candidate has signed the contract and is ready to start.
We give discounts for multiple hires in the same position, and if we get exclusivity on the recruitment.

We fill any types of positions, usually permanent or on longer term or renewable contracts. These range from industry-specialist translators, project managers, software engineers and testers, sales people, vendor managers and senior-level positions such as country managers, general managers, directors and C-level positions.

Our biggest asset is our internal database of candidates that we have collected over several years, which is consistently kept up to date. When a new job comes in, our first step is to send anonymous details to candidates who have registered interest in such a position in that location. In addition, our recruitment researchers search global CV boards and advertise on various industry-specific sites and use networking sites. We also get quite a lot of candidates by word of mouth within the industry.


Not really. We work with many different companies and we would be out of business if we go after their people after we have recruited for them. Headhunters typically only work for a few companies, and we aim to provide a service to any reputable company.

We will need a good job description outlining tasks, responsibilities, qualifications and experience needed, plus the salary range. We have generic job descriptions that we can send if you don’t have one. We also need to understand the company and its culture well, so that we can find a good personality match.

Usually it does not take longer than one or two months before an offer is extended to successful candidates. Thanks to our huge database of qualified and highly educated candidates from all around the word we have a substantial pool to select from for a wide range of positions. We are usually able to present our shortlisted candidates quite quickly to the hiring manager for interviews, by phone/Skype and  and face-to-face meetings. After two or three rounds of interview calls, meetings and background checks the hiring is often closed.

Whether we do this or our clients prefer to do this themselves, we recommend speaking to two to three former direct managers of the chosen candidate. Ask about performance, attendance, strong points and development areas. One of our favorite questions to a former manager is advice on how to best manage the candidate in a future position. Informal references from network contacts is also fairly common. For sales staff, it is good practice to ask candidates to provide proof of sales commissions (e.g. copies of paychecks) in order to double check their claimed sales performances.

According to our Terms & Conditions, our clients pay nothing up front and there is a three months scaled refund period. Should our candidates fail to perform we always try to find a replacement. For further details please contact us and ask for a copy of our T&Cs.

We certainly do. Thanks to our global presence and relevant knowledge of our recruitment team based in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we very often support our clients with employee compensation information. Having worked with hundreds of different client profiles we have a solid knowledge of local compensation models. We run and maintain updated databases of base salaries and bonus structures and rates for a wide range of roles.

FAQs for Candidates

When you have registered in our database through our website with your preferred positions and geographical locations, we will include you on mail-outs that match your requirements.

We don’t recommend that you send us an email with your CV as our inboxes are usually very busy.

We will treat your details with the utmost confidentiality and never pass them on to any third party without your agreement. Should your circumstances change, you can always update your profile online using your login details. If you are no longer looking for a job, just let email us and we will deactivate your account.

No, our service to our candidates is completely free of charge.

We abide by Employment Laws, the Data Protection Act and the Code Of Conduct For Professional Recruiters. This means that we never put forward candidates without their permission to a named company.

After you have applied for a vacancy online, the recruiter in charge will assess your suitability for that role based on your CV and inform you if you have been shortlisted for the next stage. Then he/she will arrange for a personal or telephone interview during which you will discuss your credentials, the company and the vacancy in greater detail.

If you and the recruiter decide that there is a good match, the recruiter will forward your details to the employer, together with a presentation letter describing your skills and suitability for the role. The recruiter will communicate the employer’s feedback to you and coordinate all further interview arrangements between you and the hiring company.

Generally speaking, our clients are not able to sponsor applications for a work permit/visa unless there is a proven shortage for a particular area of expertise in the country. When there are exceptions, we will include that in the job postings. For information on how you can obtain the right to work legally in any of the countries we recruit for, we suggest that you contact the local embassy of the country you wish to work in.

A good CV should be not too short and not too long. 2-3 pages is ideal, with more details about your most recent jobs. Remember to include achievements, not only responsibilities. Also include some details about specialist experience.

A cover letter is a good idea to expand on relevant experience. In our database there is a space for you to write a cover letter, and you can also upload one. If you would like a template of what an excellent CV should look like, please email

There are two general rules: know yourself and know the employer.

Before attending the interview make a list of your strengths, weaknesses, skills and career goals. Establish what you have to offer and have examples, scenarios and accomplishments prepared because you are likely to be asked situational questions.

Make sure you research the organization and the position well. Know why you want to relocate to that town/country. Write down questions to ask about the role and the company during the interview.