In Using traditional recruitment methods, the pre-employment vetting process is limited to the first two levels; Level 3 may only be determined post-employment.

Psychometric testing in the recruitment process with Larsen Insight helps you choose the right candidate the first time.

In addition to traditional recruitment methods, we offer our award-winning platform Larsen Insight, a recruitment platform which securely provides in-depth assessment of potential candidates, and streamlines the shortlisting and interview process.

This methodology is proven to achieve unparalleled results whereby 96% of candidates are still in employment 12 months later.

We use cutting-edge technology with built-in candidate video presentation, pre-screening questions in our clients’ preferred business language, and gain a full psychometric profile, indicating whether this individual will suit our client’s company culture, and the team.

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Ensuring the best possible cultural, behavioural and skills fit is great news for both clients and candidates, leading to your success and ours.

Using psychometrics in the recruitment process makes a world of difference in helping you make the right candidate choice.

It is also incredibly helpful in managing new and established teams of professionals.

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