Larsen Globalization provides professional, ethical and confidential services to the localization industry. Traditionally, we are a full service recruitment agency that serves the needs of many different clients looking for localization talent. Some of our clients have offered testimonials about our work with them.

Traditional Recruitment Services

For our clients, we co-ordinate the recruitment process from the very start. Our recruitment researchers are trained in worldwide recruitment methods, so we stay ahead of standard recruitment companies when competing for skilled professionals within huge international and global talent pools.

We work with our clients closely, and in the long-term: as an extension of your internal talent team, to support your expansion plans and to keep an eye out for new talent for your team.

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Larsen Insight Recruitment Services

Our platform, Larsen Insight, offers our clients the ability to review shortlist potential candidates, and gain a full psychometric profile, indicating whether this individual will suit our client’s company culture, and the team.

We use cutting-edge technology with built-in candidate video presentation, pre-screening questions in our clients’ preferred business language, and psychometric (behavioral) assessments where we match candidates against our clients’ ideal candidate psychometric profile.

Services for our Candidates

Career consultancy
We assist you with your CV to represent you well
Preparation for an interview – arranged through us
We assist you each step of the way through the recruitment process, from the very start to onboarding with your new enterprise.

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Our guarantee

This allows us to achieve unparalleled results whereby 96% of the candidates we place are still in employment 12 months later. This is against an industry average of 75-80%.

This is why we offer a full 12 months replacement and refund guarantee on our candidates. And it’s priced at the same fee as traditional, contingency recruitment.

Additional Services

Global Market Consultation
Location-based -salary range consultation

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