Larsen Globalization provides confidential, ethical and professional services to the localization industry.

Traditionally, we are a full service recruitment agency that serves the needs of many different clients looking for localization talent.

Some of our clients have offered Testimonials about our work with them.

The following is a description of our services.

Professional Staffing

We go to great lengths to find the right person for the clients we work for. Our full service staffing services include:

CV Sourcing
We actively seek out a perfect candidate through our own sizable database of candidates (multi-thousands of candidates) as well as subscribe to large international CV databases that we search on your behalf.

We strategically post positions in various industry publications and online services to attract the widest audience for our positions. This is done under Larsen Globalization so we can process all inquiries directly.

Process Applications
Arguably the most time consuming part of the hiring process is processing applicants for any position. It is not unusual for our team to see 100s of CVs before selecting a short list of candidates to prescreen.

To verify unique candidates are indeed suited for the roles our Recruiters schedule one-on-one interviews with each candidate. Only the most qualified will be presented.

Present Candidates
Our Recruiters present candidate information in a concise and thorough manner so the hiring manager will be able to make decisions quickly on who will be invited to interview.

Establishing Interview Appointments
We coordinate the scheduling for all interviews between candidates and clients, unless they choose to do so directly.

Follow Up
At every stage of the interview process we collaborate closely and solicit for feedback at every step. This allows us to act as an advocate for both the organization and candidates involved and to keeps the process flowing smoothly.

Facilitate Feedback and Offer Process
We are happy to work with all parties involved in the hiring process for feedback as meetings are happening, and go into detail as offers are being negotiated.

Executive Search

For Executive Roles (normally Director and above) we offer additional Executive Search services. With our long-established relationships with industry Executives, our work in this area is discrete and effective. These services include a retainer and hands-on participation by our company’s leaders.

Additional Services

Reference Checks 
Reference checks are often done directly by the hiring company, but we are available to check references as requested.

We have been helpful in consulting with our clients about global staffing practices. We do not offer legal advice but can offer a basic level of consultation on hiring or setting up a presence in a number of international markets.

Salary Consultation 
Salaries vary widely across countries and regions for many roles. We have a fair understanding of general ‘going rates’ for localization professionals around the world and gladly share that information with our clients. We also offer more in-depth research into salaries by collaborating with industry partners and taking on additional consultative assignments as needed.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Through our own experienced M&A experts, we have carried out successful, highly confidential searches and introductions.

For companies wishing to grow into new markets and/or acquire new skills sets, an acquisition of another company is a way to accelerate this.

Selling a company
Typically, the current owner is looking to retire or wishes to focus on other business interests, so selling their company (or the majority stake of it) to a reputable, larger company will enable them to do this.

For companies looking for partners whose management and technology skills complement their own, a merger with a compatible partner is a time- and cost-efficient solution.