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Larsen Insight – what a difference a front-loaded recruitment process makes

How many times haven’t we recruiters, our clients’ hiring managers and candidates gotten nearly to the end of the recruitment process, and it all falls to pieces: one of the main stakeholders has a different view of the ideal candidate; the referees don’t say the right things; the candidate – or company – that seemed such a great match in the interview process turns out to be rather different to actually work with.
And then you have to start all over again.
This is traditional recruitment in a nutshell. It’s expensive all around with a lot of wasted time, money and effort.
For a typical company, 1 out of 5 people interviewed get hired. And out of 10 people who get hired, only 8 work out within the first 12 months. At a salary of, say, 50,000 per year, that’s typically a loss to our clients of 122,000*. And for our candidates, they have to go through the stresses and loss of income while hunting for a new job.
Imagine that the steps on the critical path get moved to the front rather than happening at the end?
So: at Larsen we decided to invest in an award-winning technology platform whereby typically 1 out of 2 people interviewed gets hired, and instead of a typical 80% success rate after 12 months we achieve a near 100%.
How do we do that? Our Larsen Insight platform gives both our clients and candidates access to a 24/7 integrated platform with high user acceptability. It can also reduce time to hire and progresses the hiring process even when candidate and hirer are on different continents.
Main features:

  • Detailed company information about values, culture, working environment and vision, presenting the employer in a highly favourable light as a modern and sophisticated organisation and attracting the right candidates.
  • Video presentation of candidates and written or video-recorded, timed answers to pre-selected interview questions. This ensures candidate engagement and real-time assessment. And it also works as an English business language test.
  • Early reference checking.
  • McQuaig psychometrics/behavioural assessments on both our clients’ person spec and the candidates, with an automated comparison of the two.
  • For our clients, automatically generated competency based interview questions for each candidate, enabling you to explore their potentials fully.
  • For our candidates, you will only go through if there is a good match on all levels, saving time and frustration.

Does it cost more than typical contingency recruitment fees? No, we offer it at the same rate. We do all the set-up and our clients just log in.
On our side, we are delighted to be able to offer something new and infinitely better to both our clients and candidates than the traditional recruitment model. We welcome you to take a look at our quick demo:
*Try it out yourself at

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