History in Localization

History in Localization

Larsen Globalization was founded in 2000 by Inger Larsen in London, UK. Having worked in localization throughout her career, when she decided to set up as a consultant (and have another baby), recruitment assignments were by far the most popular. This developed into a very successful and enjoyable business. Coming at it from a hiring manager’s perspective, the core values of attention to the individual candidates and focus on cultural fit with the companies, have proven a recipe for success.

Over time she added wonderful partners, with the same values and backgrounds from the localization industry, to cover the Americas and APAC in addition to Europe. Together, this group covers a worldwide market.


“Inger and her colleagues have recruited for Lionbridge since 2001 and filled a number of demanding positions, ranging from translators to senior management positions. They know the localization business well and know exactly the type of experts we are looking for, saving us time and money in the process.”
– Paul Doherty, VP, Lionbridge Germany

“Inger is a consummate professional. She provides excellent client management support while delivering excellent candidates. One of the things I truly value about working with Inger is that she provides 2-3 exceptionally high caliber candidates and we always hire one of the 3. She truly understands the needs of our localization business and executes with a high degree of precision and professionalism. I truly enjoy working with her and will continue to do so.”
– Katy Connor, Senior Recruiter,  Expedia

“I have used Larsen Globalization’s recruitment services with excellent results. They identified the right candidates and helped me along the recruiting process in a professional manner. Their unique advantage is their expertise in the translation, localization, internationalization and globalization space. It’s always great to work with the pros.”
– Renato Beninatto, CEO, Milengo

“Larsen’s approach is helpful and open. Because of their industry insight they can usually quickly provide us a short-list of excellent candidates. This reduces our time spent in sifting and sorting, thus targeting and speeding our recruitment process.”
– Jonathan Bowring, European Localisation Director, Canon Technology Europe

“In addition to the work they do every day supporting their individual clients’ growth, the Larsen Globalization team have volunteered their time and energy to promote and improve the industry at large, most recently taking on extra duties as Inger spent considerable time on the Executive Director Selection Committee for the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).”
– Kim Harris, Chair, GALA Board of Directors

Most of job seekers may experience that their recruiters are reluctant to help and rush them to make decision. Costanza has been paying attention to my opinion through all her recruiting process. Before the interview she provided me with the precise information of the interviewers and appropriate and practical advice. Thank you, Costanza. I really appreciated your support and hard work. You are really a professional recruiter.
– Japanese placement for a business development position

Simply put, what a wonderful person to work with. Annette helps tirelessly with the business process from A to Z. She approaches things with a micro and a macro view which secures seeing the objectives from all angles. I’m grateful to her and what she has helped me achieve in my career journey, and I’m grateful to call her a friend beyond work. Annette is a remarkable, honest, empathetic, and goal-focused professional with a drive to achieve short and long term success.
Moe Bachouti, Marketing Operations Manager, Smartling

“I was looking for a job and one day I got an message from Costanza. We met at a Café soon, and I found that she was a very experienced recruiter. I explained to her what kind of position I was looking for and then she introduced me to one position. It met my expectation. Once I decided to go for the opportunity, she kindly helped me by providing appropriate advice on each phase until I could get the offer. Thanks to her, I was always confident. I would recommend Costanza to people who are looking for new opportunities in the localization world. ”
– Japanese placement for Operations Manager

“Others were sending more CVs faster while Larsen focused on looking for the right candidates. For me, quality beats quantity when it comes to hiring top talent. ”

– Vladimir Reiff, Director of Sales APAC Moravia

“Inger and her colleagues from Larsen have helped us with the recruitment of localization professionals various times and we have always been very happy with their services. Their extensive experience in the localization and translation area made the recruitment process very efficient and successful, and the vacancies could be filled in a short time frame.  We look forward to working with Larsen again in case of further vacancies in the future.

– HR Manager Central Europe Operations, with a global insurance company

Our Value-Add for Clients

Larsen Globalization saves clients valuable time and money by shouldering the intensive process of sourcing qualified candidates and bringing them forward for review. To learn more about our services, please visit our Services page.

Our vast international network ensures that only the best talent is presented. That coupled with our industry expertise has provided a strong offering to our clients. We are proud to say that we have numerous long-term relationships and have been awarded premier supplier status by many esteemed organizations.

We also proactively look out for candidates within our sought after niches Life Sciences, Globalization Specialists, Solutions Architects and experienced Business Development Managers.

To discuss your hiring needs in more detail, please Contact Us directly. We look forward to working with you!

Our Value-Add for Candidates

We provide a free and confidential service.  While considering interested and suitable applicants for our vacancies, we will look at preferences, experience and qualifications and match that to jobs. An important part of what we do is to assess cultural fit to get a superb match. You will save valuable time and get access to many unadvertised jobs.

We will only put forward candidates to companies after having discussed the job and the named company in detail with them. For more information about how we work, go to FAQ – Candidates.

For new candidates, register with us via our Vacancies page and create your profile in our system. Then you can apply online (recommended) and will also be included in future mail-outs that match your Preferred Positions and Locations.

You can also Contact Us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Clients for additional information.